I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. We know this has been a hard last few weeks but together we will get through this.

Here are some updates regarding the Association:

  • The common area elements are still closed due to the government mandate. We are continuing to monitor the situation and evaluate when we can re-open parts of the common area. As of today (April 20th), the government closure extends through April 30th. We anticipate the government mandate may be extended into May in some form. However, there have been no further guidelines of how or when we can re-open, what the social distancing requirements will be and/or what elements will be allowed to re-open. As soon as we know something we will get the information to you.
  • We encourage residents to continue to abide by the Government Mandates for social distancing and to use a mask when going out. Please check the Riverside County Public Health website for the latest information. Walking around the lake, fishing, kayak (with a registered boat), walking the trails and parks as well as bike riding is allowed as long as you follow all government orders regarding social distancing and mask use.
  • Pending Work: Please know the Association is continuing to do work throughout the community. Here are some updates:
    • Pool Decking Report Review and Bidding. This was pending from January 2020 and the report has been received, new bids will be requested based on this report. Work on pool deck will not be started until the fall 2020.
    • Playground Equipment at Sundial: Bids are currently being reviewed and evaluated. The equipment is anticipated to be order by the end of the month.
    • Common Area Painting and Fencing Painting: Common area painting around the Bay Club will start in May 2020. Common area fence painting that requires access to residents backyards has been postponed most likely until the fall 2020.
    • Badge renewal: Is currently on hold until we have more information regarding social distancing requirements.
  • Violations and Parking: As mentioned in previous emails, management is still inspecting the community common area elements. The Association is still attempting not to send out violation letters and to issue parking tickets at this time but we need your help.
    • Do not store basketball hoops, sports equipment or toys on common area street, or sidewalks. Please remove these items when not in use.
    • Please remove all weeds in front, side and rear yards.
    • All improvements require architectural approval before you can begin work.
    • Indoor Furniture should not be stored on driveway or on front porch at any time.
    • Parking tickets are being issued for the following:
      • Inoperable vehicles with noticeable equipment issues including but not limited to flat tires.
      • Vehicles blocking a sidewalk or driveway or parking in driveway extended into the street.
      • RV’s should be safe listed even if they are parked on the driveway. Please contact Donna at ddeledge@keystonepacific.com if you have a special request for RV parking.

The Association is working hard to make sure the community stays safe and healthy. Common area maintenance continues and management is responding to all calls, emails and work order requests in a timely fashion. Please note, the rain did delay our landscape vendor and we are hoping they are caught up by the end of the week.

We thank the entire community for supporting each other through this unique time. We hope you enjoyed the Easter Bunny Parade and the most recent Painting Party. We are always happy to hear about the numerous birthday parades and how residents are helping each other out. What an awesome community we have! Just know that we are continuing to look into ways that we can have resident re-connect and stay together as a community.

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