Each new day we see new information coming out from various government agencies. Please be assured that the Board of Directors is making every effort to stay informed. The Board of Directors voted years ago to appoint an Executive Committee (made of Board Members) to review needed emergency actions in between Board Meetings. This Executive Committee is making decisions based on the best information, your association documents and legal findings. The entire Board is in communication and is being updated daily of the situation. Their biggest concern right now is the safety and health of everyone in this community, the association vendors, volunteers and employees.

Due to the ongoing health concerns facing our community and the recommendations of the CDC, State of California, County of Riverside, and out of an abundance of concerns for safety, the Board has decided to cancel/postpone all events scheduled for the month of April.

Event Cancellations includes the following:
April 4th: Spring Fling
April 4th to April 12th: Slide and pool will be closed for Spring Break. The slide will not open. The pool and spa will not be heated at this time. The entire pool area will remain closed until further notice.
April 7th: Board Meeting will be rescheduled or will be hosted online. Please stay tuned for further information.
April 17th: Paint and Sip will be cancelled
April 18th: Garage Sale will be cancelled

Event Center Rentals:
If you have the event center booked in the month of April, this will need to be cancelled based on the government recommendation to avoid crowds greater than 10 people. Management has already contacted those individuals with April bookings. Currently, May and June reservations will remain in place but may be cancelled if the government recommendations continue. ***At this time, no new reservations of the clubhouse or park will be taken.

Common area usage:
The pool, spa, gym, small conference room and the entire bay club (including restrooms) will remain closed until further notice. This now includes the playgrounds as well. These areas are being closed to limit crowds of 10 or more persons. Please be assured that cleaning and maintenance is continuing and has increased.

Common Area Maintenance:
Maintenance is continuing throughout the Association. The only decrease in services has been due to the rain.

  • Landscaping is still being maintained, however they are behind schedule as well as weed removal due to the rain.
  • Gate Maintenance: The vendor is still coming out for monthly maintenance and for work orders
  • Lake Vendor is still working on the lake (weather permitting) removing debris and checking all vaults.
  • Pool Vendor is still servicing the pools, and monitoring any issues.
  • Janitorial: has increased cleaning days, and set new protocols for cleaning.

Office and Communication with Management for Association Business:
The on-site office will continue to be closed to walk-ins until further notice. All business will be conducted via email at lkeefer@keystonepacific.com or via phone at 951-514-2777. Protocols have also been put into place so we can answer phone calls and emails remotely from home. The dropbox outside the main gate can be used to drop off documents. At this time, we are coming in daily to check on the common area facilities, to check the mail and dropbox. Our corporate office has also put into place the ability for employees to work remotely and are continuing to help residents. If you have an emergency during the weekends, and after hours you can still call 949-833-2600.

Association Payments and Concerns:
We understand there may be residents that are struggling right now, that are working as first responders and medical professionals, or have seen a loss in hours or a job. Please know the Association can help you. As always, we encourage you to submit a payment plan rather than miss payments. Please email Donna at lkeefer@keystonepacific.com with your requests so they may be reviewed by the Board of Directors. All payment plans will need to be approved by the Board.

In reality, the Association has an obligation to collect assessments, and pay its vendors for maintenance even if the common area is closed, which in this case is mandated by the government in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

What can you do?
This is all new territory for most of us and it seems each day the situation is changing. We encourage you to continue to work together as a community, just from a distance. Maybe share some lesson plans or activities with other parents who are struggling to homeschool their children via email or social media. See if anyone is running low on supplies or go shopping for our homebound residents. Management is here to help as well, please let us know if you or any neighbors need help.

In this time, we ask for your understanding and patience as we try to navigate all the information that is being received daily. We understand it can be frustrating not to be able to use the pool or park while your children are out of school. We just ask that you understand the Association is adhering to the safety guidelines as required by law and trying to keep everyone healthy and safe!

If you have questions regarding information about government closures, how to stop the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus, and need to know what the symptom are, please check out the government websites below for information and updates:


Thank you,