On May 2, 2019, a Special General Session Meeting was hosted to review the pending rule changes that were posted on April 1, 2019. At the meeting the Board adopted two (2) of the rule changes and tabled one (1) rule for revision.

Per the Association’s Annual Policy Statement and California Civil Code Section 4360, the two (2) approved sets of rules have been posted outside the Association’s on-site office located at 30416 Laguna Vista, Menifee CA 92584. This location was selected due to its visibility and is the designated location by the association for general notice and instruction posting.

The following approved rules were adopted and take effect immediately:

  1. Election Rules: with one correction.
  2. Common Area Access Policy: as presented.

The rule change regarding surveillance cameras has been tabled for revisions and will be posted for another comment period at a later date.

For your convenience: You may also access these new rules via the community website and as an attachment in this email. You will need a log in and password in order to access any association documents.

Posting these rules per the Annual Policy Statement not only meets the legal requirements, but also saves the Association on mailing costs! If you would like a copy or have questions, please visit www.thelakesassociation.com website or contact Donna DePledge via email at lkeefer@keystonepacific.com.

Adopted Common Area Access Rule

Adopted Election Rules