Pool Update
On September 1st, the Association had a kickoff meeting with the new Engineers and Architects for the project. The team spent three hours walking through details, plans, and goals of the project. Surveyors will be out early next week to survey the pool. Next Friday, the design and construction team will present a schedule and milestones along with the results of the survey to the Board of Directors. More information to come after that meeting.

Landscape Update Provided by Landscape Committee Chairperson, Myron Fikse
The landscape walk today signifies another milestone met by the landscape crews here at The Lakes. Today we brought the irrigation control system online for the Yellow Portion of the community. As of today, the green and blue portions of the map are online and automatically watering. As all of you begin to see water beginning to flow in the community, please let management know if you see any broken sprinkler heads. We continue to work towards bringing the blue section online which includes around Lake 2, the paseos and parks behind Lake 2 as well as Lot 375.

Please be welcoming of the crews as they work diligently towards bringing those systems online. Friday September 10, we plan to bring the final system online and evaluate its operation. For the areas that are online, we will be watering to re-establish the landscaping. It may seem like a lot of water initially, but the plants need it to regenerate.

Last week we installed the new Rain Bird Central Control system at the clubhouse. We have already seen a dramatic improvement in its operation of the system. We continue to monitor and adjust the system as we bring more and more portions online.

Our Arbor team continues to evaluate the trees and their affect on the sidewalks. We are close to being addressing issues around the community regarding the sidewalks. We appreciate your patience as we will need to shut down paseos periodically to conduct the work. The areas that are online will now be monitored and manicured in a way that fosters regrowth of the existing landscape. This will last the month of September and beginning of October. At this point, the Landscape team will start planning a replanting process to fill in areas.