This message is sent to you on behalf of the Board of Directors:

During our HOA Board meeting on 6-23, the Board of Directors announced that Keystone Pacific would come on-site to assess the operation and report back to the Board after a few weeks with suggestions on the needs of the Association. During that time, Donna DePledge took a leave of absence and will not be returning to the Lakes.

The Board of Directors and Keystone are moving forward with a search for a new General Manager. We will update the community when a new General Manager is selected and officially hired.

In the interim, Christine Rodgers will be our Acting General Manager with the assistance of Darren Mandel. Valerie Ramirez-Acordagoitia will be working full time as an associate manager. Please direct all correspondence to the office.

Christine Rodgers (
Darren Mandel (
Valerie Ramirez-Acordagoitia (