Coronavirus/Covid-19 and the Association: Based on the recommendations from local and state government agencies and upon further evaluation of the Board of Directors, a few items are being put in place to help protect the residents, volunteers, and employees of the community. Please note the following:

  1. The onsite office will be closed to residents effective immediately. All business will be conducted via phone or email until March 31st. At which time the Association will re-evaluate the situation. If you call the office, please make sure to leave a message so we may call you back.
  2. If you need to drop off a payment or paperwork, please use the drop box located outside the main gate. Upon receipt of the paperwork, we will contact you as needed.
  3. The gym, small conference room and pool/spa will be closed to residents until March 31st. At which time the Association will re-evaluate the situation.
  4. Effective March 13th, the Association will increase the cleaning frequency of high traffic areas around the gym, restrooms, office and small conference room. We have also requested additionally cleaning of items such as doors, door handles and other frequently touched items.
  5. Parks should be used at your own risk. Park equipment is not cleaned daily.
  6. Event Center rentals:
    1. If you have rented the event center and wish to cancel. You may do so by emailing Donna or Valerie. Insurance costs can not be refunded at this time.
    2. If you chose to use the keep your booked event center rental, you will rent the facility at your own risk. You will be required to sanitize as well as clean before and after your party. If you pay for party clean up, you will still use facility at your own risk and will need to sanitize appropriately. The Association will not be responsible for the attendees of your party and any illness.

The Board is continuously monitoring the situation and will determine in the next week if any meetings, committee meetings or social events will need to be cancelled/postponed. The Board wants the community to know that their health and wellbeing is a top priority.

Courtesy Reminder:
When picking up your child from Southshore Elementary School, please do not block the exit gate or park in a way that forces the exit gate to stay open, in your effort to line up to gain entrance to the school parking lot and pick up area. Please stop far enough away from the gate to allow other resident to exit the community safely. Do not park blocking private driveways. Never use the vehicle entrance gate to exit the community. Your vehicle could actually damage the gate and your vehicle.

Dates to remember:
Wednesday, March 18th: EMWD will be doing a test of the Community Event Center Area (Pool, gym and restrooms) will have no water and the area will be closed, including the office. We will be responding to emails remotely and to phone messages on Thursday.
Tuesday, April 7th: Board of Directors Meeting at 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 4th: Slides open (see website and on site posting for hours) and Spring Fling Community Event.