Thank you to all residents that have been working hard to stay at home during this time. The Board of Directors and Management have been working hard to make sure that the business of the community continues and everyone stays safe and healthy!

Reflections Gate Closure:
The gates at Reflections will be closing during the day time hours starting April 9th. If you reside in the Reflections area and need to add your name to the gate programming, please email Donna at

Community Update:
As part of a weekly routine, Management has been driving throughout the neighborhood to check on gates as well as all common area elements. In an effort to limit stress and frustration, the Association is attempting to limit the violation letters that are being sent. For the most part, everyone is doing a great job maintaining their properties and abiding by the rules. However, Management has received some complaints and have noticed a few violations. Please be reminded of how important it is to keep our community looking its best and how important it is to follow the Association rules.

Property Maintenance Reminder:

  1. Please make sure to continue to maintain your landscaping by pulling weeds, trimming trees and bushes and mowing your lawn.
  2. Please put away all toys, basketball hoops or other items when not in use. Basketball hoops and sports apparatus are not allowed to remain in the street or on sidewalks for any length of time. If they are not being used, they must be removed and stored away. These items impede traffic flow (for both vehicles and pedestrians) and prevent the parking of vehicles. If there is an emergency, this could impede response times.
  3. Please put away trash cans.
  4. Do not start improvements on your property until you are approved by the Association, contact Donna at for an application.
  5. Parking! Please be responsible when parking in the community.
    1. Parking violations that are enforced at all times: vehicles blocking sidewalk, or blocking neighboring driveways and RV/trailer parking. Inoperable vehicles on the street.
    2. All other street parking is enforced after midnight till 6 AM.
  6. Barking dogs and neighbor to neighbor complaints: Residents are now working from home in greater numbers and the dog barking complaints have increased. Please be aware of your dogs barking and take them inside if possible. Barking dog complaints should be referred to Animal Control through Animal Friends of the Valley at 951-674-0618.
  7. Off road vehicles and dirt bikes may not be ridden in the community at any time. Golf Carts may only be driven by licensed and insured drivers. All golf carts must be registered with the Association and in addition, golf carts from neighboring communities should not be driven within the Association.

What is on hold for the moment:

  1. Badge renewal will not begin in April.
  2. Gate code did not and will not change in April. The gate code will be removed in May.
  3. All social events and meetings have been postponed/cancelled.
  4. Common area usage is closed until at least April 30th as mandated by the state and county. We will keep the community posted with any changes as we are made aware.

The on-site office:
The office is still closed to walk-ins until April 30th. We miss seeing everyone! However, we are still available via email. Donna at or Valerie at We are on site every day to check mail/ drop box as well as working from home. The best way to communicate is via email but if you do call, please leave a message. We are still selling remotes and key fobs, still processing architectural plans and a variety of other requests. We ask that you use the drop box outside the office to drop off any items for review. Please contact us to purchase a key fob or gate remote, prior to dropping off any checks.