The Board of Directors held a Special Executive Session meeting on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 to approve the attached pool deck plan. This has allowed McCormick/JWC and Plump Engineering to immediately begin to obtain proposals for all components of the new pool deck plan.

Please keep in mind that this rendering as it appears may not be possible depending on cost, but the Board of Directors will not be able to confirm that until all the bids have been received for them to review.

The Association anticipates to have four (4) shade structures: one that backs up to the lake with an open back, one at the end of the water slides and two on the south side of the lap pool. The open back will allow the view of the lake not to be blocked from the pool area. Three additional shade structures with backs on them are also noted on the rendering. One at the north end of the smaller pool that will back up to the outdoor showers and two (2) with benches at the splash pad area. Having a back on the structures will help to mitigate the road noise behind them.

The two (2) existing structures at the pool will have additional slats installed to tighten up the openings and create additional shade while still allowing the wind to go through. The white columns are tentatively planned to be removed and replaced with either a stacked stone or a wood façade. The Board of Directors can make a more informed decision once proposals are provided for both options.

If cost allows, the current structure in the middle of the pool deck will be tripled in size to a 36’ x 24’ that will allow for an ample amount of lounge chairs to be placed underneath. This will create the largest shade structure in the pool area as the sun moves over the lake, pool, and Bay Club. Residents will also still have ample room to place lounge chairs on the pool deck in front of the center structure.

The west cover will also have additional slats installed to tighten up the openings and create more shade along with the having five (5) picnic tables installed underneath and two (2) charcoal grills just outside the structure.

Additionally, there is the possibility of seat walls to be installed around the spa to allow residents a place to sit that are not wanting to actually sit in the spa. The seat walls and shrubs will also slow the traffic of the community’s smaller residents running from pool to pool!

Pictured on the rendering are areas that will now be replaced with interlocking pavers versus concrete which are known to hold less heat along with adding a visually appealing appearance to enhance the look of the pool deck. The area for the sun bathers has also been extended with pavers given additional seating in this area.

Management will be continuing to work closely with the vendors to obtain proposals as soon as possible. If needed, another special meeting will be called to keep the pool deck project moving forward. Management will continue to update weekly on each Friday.

Should you want any additional information please feel free to stop by the office or reach out by phone or email.

The Lakes Conceptual Landscape Plan